How To Get Four Tile Rows On Your Surface RT (Temporarily)

Over the weekend I was playing with my Surface RT and something strange happened. I restarted my Surface after a game I was playing crashed. When the Surface booted back up and after I entered my password, there were four vertical rows of tiles on the Start Screen instead of just three.

Courtesy of The Shiny Surface
Courtesy of The Shiny Surface

After doing some digging on the internet, I found that in Windows 8 pro there’s an option to change this, but that in Windows RT it’s based on your screen resolution and you cannot change it manually. I restarted the Surface again just to see what would happen and it switched back to three rows.

I was confused. I thought maybe I had change it somehow through a gesture. So I frantically tried to reproduce the effect by swiping and pinching all over the Start Screen but with no results to speak of. So of course I started searching through forums and here’s what I found: JG’s Tech Thoughts

This blogger has been able to temporarily reproduce the effect by restarting the Surface and allowing it to boot up with the Touch or Type Cover closed. I have personally verified that this works. I prefer to have four rows versus the three that it seems the Surface is limited to based on it’s lower screen resolution.