How To Jailbreak Your Microsoft Surface

Over the weekend my wife and I have been fighting the flu so I had mostly stayed in bed and away from social media but one piece of Surface news has me itching to write, the Jailbreak.

The jailbreak is as easy as downloading the latest jailbreak file here, and then following the instructions below to install it.

Jailbreak Tutorial

Step 1: Install all Windows Software updates as of January 10th, 2013.

Step 2: Unzip the file by right clicking on the file in your downloads folder and choosing “Extract All…”

Step 3: Right click “Run Exploit” and choose to “Run as administrator”

*At this point, if you aren’t already a developer, you’ll be asked to create a developer ID which as really as simple as  entering your Microsoft ID username and password (you can use the same ID that you sign into the Windows Store with*

Step 4: In the Command Prompt that will open up say yes or run to all of the prompts that you see.

Step 5: After all the lines of code have run, you’ll be asked to hit the Volume Down button.

Seconds later, you’ll be Jailbroken.

The jailbreak will be lost each time the device is rebooted. There aren’t many tweaks out yet, and they aren’t pretty but the fact that the jailbreak is so simple and Microsoft apparently has no plans to patch it, means that development for the jailbreak will be pretty easy.  If you have any issues, please post them in the comments of the XDA Developer thread for the  Microsoft Surface Jailbreak here.