Best Apps For Surface RT – Late January 2013 Edition

As you all know, Windows is an extremely popular platform. Regardless of whether the sales for the Surface are steller or not, any developer in their right mind should want to develop for Windows. The audience for the Windows Store is large and it will be massive within the next 1-2 years. There are plenty of “junk” apps on the Windows Store but there are also plenty of very high quality offerings. Keep reading for a list of those we’re featuring this time around:



As a blogger, I rely on the ability to edit photos on the fly. Making adjustments, adding annotations, arrows, watermarks, etc. is important. Until Fotor, I had to do these things on my laptop. Fotor is an excellent solution. It’s fast, intuitive and has all of the features you’re likely to see in a photo editor on competing tablets and smartphones.



To be fair, Wordament wasn’t added to the store in January, still, I haven’t mentioned the app yet and it’s definitely worth your attention if you haven’t tried it. Wordament is an addicting Xbox Live puzzle game. You’re presented with a 4×4 grid of letters and you’ve got 2 minutes to find as many words as possible. You are competing against a few thousand people over Xbox Live, and once the round finishes you’ll see the names of the top scorers. I refuse to play this game before bed because I literally have dreams about it.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX:


I don’t think I really need to explain what PAC-MAN is. This revision of the game is simply a fast paced neoned version of the original with excellent visuals and audio. The game fully supports the Xbox controller as it is an Xbox Live arcade game as well.

USA Today:


Who doesn’t need news? USA Today’s news app has a nice presentational style and will get you the top stories in News, Sports, Life, Money, Tech, and Travel. The app has received excellent reviews from users and definitely a must have.



With the signature Touch or Type Covers attached, holding the Surface feels a lot like holding a book. That being said, you may be interested in doing some reading on your Surface and Nook is here to provide you with a great reading experience. Of course, if you’ve purchased books using Nook on your Nook tablets, your iPad, iPhone, or any Android device, you can login and download them onto your Surface as well. The interface is well designed, if sluggish at times. Still, I reckon it’s a better reading experience than the Kindle app (which sometimes takes several seconds just to turn a page).