Best Apps For Surface: March 2013 Edition

So you’ve got a Surface (or any other Windows Tablet) and you’re ready to download some awesome apps.
Since the Windows Store does a pretty poor job of pointing you to great apps, we’re doing it for you!

Read on to find out what the Best Apps for March 2013 are…


Next Issue

Next Issue is a magazine reader app that gives you unlimited access to a huge selection of Popular Magazines. Rather than paying a subscription fee for each individual magazine, you pay a monthly fee of either $10 or $15 dollars. For $10 dollars, you get “Unlimited access to top magazines such as Esquire, Real Simple, Vanity Fair and many more.” The Premium $15 subscription also grants you access to weekly magazines including The New Yorker, People, and Time.

Depending on how many magazines you’d like to be reading, this is potentially a much cheaper solution than Newsstand (iPhone/iPod/iPad).

Cost: Free (Subscription Based Content)



THD is a First Person Shooter (FPS), apparently set during the Renaissance. The game supports the keyboard, touch, or Xbox 360 controller. Graphically, the game is not quite console quality but it is close. Although it is controlled for a first person perspective, you only control the aiming motion of the character and  the walking is automatically. This makes the game feel more like an arcade game such as House of the Dead. THD is light on story, heavy on action. It is available on a Try or Buy basis.

Cost: Free or $3.99


News Bento

Reading is a wonderful experience on the Surface RT or Surface Windows 8 Pro with their 10.6 inch ClearType screens. There are quite a few apps out there that will help you get the content you need and News Bento is among the best. News Bento adds a feature that I haven’t seen in many other reader apps which allows you to add feeds by typing in the URL (see below). Many other readers will simply have a list of popular feeds to add. Be sure to add WinRTSource to your feeds by filling in these fields like so!

Cost: Free

Screenshot (35)

Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run is a port of a fantastic iOS game. The game is has gotten great ratings and is a blast! It’s a side scrolling platformer that keeps you on your toes as you avoid obstacles and collect objects in the environment. The visual style, sound effects and music are all excellent. The Game boasts additional features like Xbox Live Achievements which make it appealing to people like me who are always trying to up their gamerscore.

Cost: $2.99


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