Editorial: Must Have Apps For Microsoft Surface Part 1

I spend a lot of time trying different apps for the Surface, and there are a lot of great apps out on the Windows Store right now. It should come as no surprise, though, that I don’t frequently use all of the apps that I feature . The apps that I’m featuring below are the ones that I come back to everyday.

Best Apps for Surface: OneNote


It’s great that the Surface RT comes with Notepad and Microsoft Word, which incidentally, is a much more powerful word processor, but OneNote is on another level when it comes to note-taking apps. I wish more developers would take a look at this app and allow to influence their design choices. This app is really the best exhibition for the Surface. I’ve written a review which you can read for more information.


Screenshot (161)

Twitter has become so essential in the world of media and journalism, that it’s almost crazy not to be involved in the network. The Twitter app for Windows 8/RT is another great example of design. The app is also full-featured, and relatively fast. You can read our overview of the app here. Speaking of Twitter, press this button to follow us

News Bento

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There are too many websites and blogs to keep up with. RSS makes it much easier to do though by aggregating all the news you care about in one spot. Since Google Reader is going away, many of us need to find a new RSS reader. News Bento is simply the best one available on the Surface right now. We featured the app in our semi-monthly here.


Screenshot (163)

As a blogger, on-the-fly photo editing is something I must have. Fotor is such an awesomely easy way to quickly add filters, make adjustments, and even add a tilt-shift to your photos. We featured the app in our January Best Apps For Surface semi-monthly and you can read more here.

Hulu Plus

Screenshot (164)

If you’re a Hulu Plus subscriber, you definitely need this app. If you’re not a Hulu Plus subscriber yet, you should definitely try it out. There are 1-month deals all over the internet. This app is a great viewing experience. You can tell that thought went into every screen and every animation. The fact that the Surface’s screen is in 16:9 aspect ratio makes viewing these programs a real treat.

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  • Anne N Emous

    Why Twitter? Why does anyone need a Twitter app on a device that has a web browser?