Microsoft Surface | How to Take a Screenshot

So how do take a screenshot on a Microsoft Surface tablet like the Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 3?

There’s no “Print Screen” button on the keyboard, as is usually the case with Windows devices, after all. There are a few different ways to do this, whether you have a keyboard or not. Watch the video below to learn, or read the instructions below it.

Simply hold down the capacitive Windows button on the front of your tablet and press the Volume Down button on the volume rocker once. If you see the screen dim for a moment you’ll know if it worked. The Screenshot will be saved in My Documents> Pictures > Screenshots. Image 3-31-13 at 6.15 PM

 How to take a screenshot on Microsoft Surface – Other methods

– Take a screenshot with your Type Cover by holding Fn, Windows Key and tapping the Space Bar.

– Access the Charms menu (swipe in or press WinKey+C), tap “Share” and choose “Screenshot” from the dropdown menu.

how to take a screenshot on microsoft surface

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  • andrew

    none of these methods are working on my surface pro 3 – any thoughts?

    • HelpfulCityzen

      Hold fn and windows key. Then press spacebar and it should work. If that doesnt then press and hold on the home button and press down on the volume button.

  • rfhowes

    Correction. Both actions must be simultaneous. Tricky, takes a few tries to get it right.

  • rfhowes

    Doesn’t work on Surface Pro 3 with Win 8.1.

  • M1

    This is GREAT!

  • grandma

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is soooo helpful and easy to follow

  • Joshua Newcomb

    What kind of full screen applications does this work on?

  • Jamie

    I didn’t even know the capacitive Windows button was an actual button. Does it do anything else? I have the surface pro 1

    • Lane Freeze

      Takes you to the Start Screen, and if you push that along with the power button it takes you to the CTRL+ALT+DELETE screen.

  • HerrinSchadenfreude

    Is there no way to do the screenshot of the active window only a la true desktop (PC) versions of Windows? I can do this on Windows 8.1 on my desktop and earlier versions of course but Surface 2 Pro doesn’t seem to allow it…

    • michael

      yes, just include the ALT button in the sequence. One caveat, it won’t add it to your screenshot folder but it will add it to your clipboard and you can paste in word or paint.

  • Jackie

    can you edit the picture as it takes a snapshot of all the screen and I would like to crop the image?

    • Lane Freeze

      Hi Jackie! You can definitely edit the picture after the fact. Just go to your Photos app, and find it in the screenshots folder.

  • inteheltfel

    thanks for this!

  • Ben

    cant get mine to work
    tried both ways you suggested. Im using a surface pro 2 128g

    • Lane Freeze

      I’ve never heard of anyone having your issue, Ben. The best I can suggest is a Refresh in PC Settings.

      • Ben

        Thanks man I was just holding the windows button to long, I found another link that said to press them both in quick succession and it worked. Have a good one and thanks for the help.
        SSgt Hymas, Jerry B.

      • Peter Block

        Yeah, I have the same issue. It worked in the past, but doesn’t anymore. FN and spacebar has never worked for me either :(

    • Peter Felix Jansens

      Does not work on mine either.

  • Omega!!

    Awesome thanks for this I was wondering how to do it!!