Microsoft Surface Tips and Tricks | How to Free Up To 1GB of Storage

One of the great things about the Surface is the fact that you can expand it’s storage capacity via the SDXC card slot (or even a USB storage device), but when that’s not enough there’s a simple and easy way to free quite a bit of storage on the device.

This is kind of a “duh” tip for anyone experienced with Windows, but many don’t know that it’s also present in Windows RT.

EDIT: You will need to start by turning on administrative tools. Go to Start Screen > Settings Charm > Tiles and turn on “Show administrative tools”. Next, go to your Start Screen, Slide in from the right and click on Search for “Disk Cleanup”, tap on the Icon.

Screenshot (177)

Wait patiently for a few seconds to a couple of minutes for the program to run. If you’ve had the Surface since launch and haven’t done this yet, you could free hundreds of MBs of space!

Screenshot (178)

After you’ve selected which files to delete, hit “OK” and wait for another moment.

That’s it! Nice job! for more Tips, Tricks and Hacks for the Microsoft Surface head over to our dedicated section here.
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  • Sean M Westcott

    you dont even need to to do anything this complicated just tap the desktop tile open File Explorer tap Computer then tap the C: drive you should see a green tab appear above Manage called Drive tools tap it and then tap Cleanup

    • Scott Simpson

      Thanks for the tip!

  • LeiChat

    Disk Cleanup doesn’t appear when I try the search on my girlfriend’s Surface RT.

    • Lane Freeze

      I’ll need to update the tutorial. Looks like you’ll need to go to Start Screen > Settings > Tiles and turn on “Show administrative tools”. Then go ahead and search for Disk Cleanup.

    • Brad

      Actually, you can swipe up from the start screen, touch ‘all apps,’ scroll to the right and touch ‘control panel.’ This will pop up the control panel in desktop mode. Touch ‘administrative tools,’ and you will see a list of tools pop up in another window. In that list you will see ‘disk cleanup.’ Touch it to run and if you want easy access to it in the future, touch and hold or right click it and a list will pop up allowing you to do a bunch of things, including pinning disk cleanup to the desktop taskbar or to the start screen.

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