Top 4 Awesome Hacks For Surface

There are a ton of “hacks” out there for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices, but not many are aware that Windows (even Windows RT) can be hacked too and Microsoft has allowed these changes in code to be relatively easy to do, even to a novice.

Editor’s Note: These hacks are for the first generation Surface RT, and may not work or even be necessary after installing Windows 8.1. Please read the notes on each item for more information.

1) Jailbreak Surface

Screenshot (175)

The number one most important hack for any device is a jailbreak. Microsoft hasn’t completely locked down the OS like Apple has, but there are some restrictions in place that can only be circumvented by a Jailbreak. As of this writing, jailbreaking a Microsoft Surface is easy and you can find the files and a tutorial here. 

A Jailbreak has not been created for the Surface on Windows 8.1. There isn’t a very large community of Surface jailbreakers/developers currently.

2) Four Live Tile Rows on Your Start Screen



Personally, I like to fit as much information on my Start Screen as possible and I like to keep scrolling to a minimum. By default, you can only have three rows of tiles, but this awesome hack will let you have four.

If you are running Windows 8.1, there is no need to perform this hack. Instead, go to your Start Screen, access the Settings Charm, tap “Tiles” and switch on “Show more tiles”. There ya go! 😉

3) Run “Modern Applications” in Desktop View (Surface Pro Only)


Some people love the hardware of the Surface Pro but dislike Windows 8. While I personally like Windows 8, I can understand why you might want to have your Windows app run on the desktop so that you can have more than one on screen at the same time. This hack will allow you to do just that. Get more info and check out the video here.

4) Enlarge Live Taskbar Previews


The Surface’s 10.6″ screen is gigantic for a tablet but it’s tiny compared to most laptops, so functioning in the Desktop environment can be difficult with all those small graphics. This tweak makes things a little easier to see. Find the how to at the source here.


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    i can show yoou how to fiddler 4 to serach for admin code from microsoft to actually get into the microsoft server …

  • juan diaz

    well i have been trying to make surface rt run dual boot and btr53 to crack wps and debugging…

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