Excellent Mail App for Microsoft Surface | TouchMail preview

The built-in Mail app on the Microsoft Surface and on Windows 8 and Windows RT gets the job done, but it’s not spectacular. With great e-mail applications on competing tablets, it would be nice to see something really special on the Surface.

That time is almost here.

TouchMail is, as the name suggests, a touch oriented e-mail management application. This app is full of cool graphical features. When you open up the application you see a grid of tiles (something like Live Tiiles). Each Tile shows you the name and a profile picture for that contact. From this default view you can use semantic zoom to see more or less e-mails on screen at once.

When you get an e-mail you can sort it into a category. Later, you can view by category and get a big picture overview of all of the e-mails in that category. You can also sort by Sender, and the default, by Time.

Swipe up on an email’s tile and it will be deleted, swipe down to see more options. When you actually tap on an e-mail, a reading pane will slide in from the right side of the screen. Pictures display in line with the text as you’d expect, however, the text seems a bit larger than necessary and it doesn’t seem to support rich text at this point.

You can of course compose mail as well, although I couldn’t find a way to attach anything to the outgoing message.

As of right now, TouchMail is just a preview and you can’t sync your own accounts or actually send messages, but you can download the app for free if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about.

TouchMail app for Surface TouchMail app for Surface TouchMail app for Surface TouchMail app for Surface