Walmart Sells out of Surface RT tablets

In only a few days, Walmart appears to be sold out of their current inventory of Surface RT tablets. It is unclear why Walmart sold out so quickly, but it is probably due to low initial inventories. Whatever those original inventory numbers where, the expectations were beaten. Does this mean that the lower price point is working for Microsoft? While those arguments are far from over, this is great news for Microsoft who just swallowed over $900 million in losses because of the Surface. In a recent employee town hall, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that they made too many Surface tablets and sales have been disappointing. With all the inventory, it is rather puzzling that Walmart would run out so quickly. They could well have been cautious about investing too much in the device and may wanted to see early numbers before committing to carrying larger inventories.

Walmart Surface

Walmart will no doubt restock on Surface RTs quickly and anyone who wants to buy the device at the lower price will still have ample opportunity.


    It’s an awesome tablet, specially for the new price. I just bought one last week at Liverpool (a big mexican store) and they were sold out also (at least at that specific store) so I payed it and had to wait 2 days for it to arrive at the store. It seems this new price is attracting a lot of customers, I always liked it but thought it was expensive, but for the new price it’s great.

    • Lane Freeze

      That’s great to hear. I hope we continue to see stock move at this price.

  • colphoenix

    Or maybe is because the Surface RT is a good tablet at a good price… with a full working office suite and internet access to get the job done away from office. This tablet is good for work, if you want to play buy an Android or the boring iPad.


      That’s right, it’s also great to have a full featured browser