Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover Bundle Price Drop Planned

Microsoft is planning to make the Surface RT and its Touch Covers more affordable this Friday, with the Touch cover and Surface RT Touch Cover bundle both dropping.

Last week we reported that Microsoft had plans to drop the price of the Touch Covers from $119 down to $79 dollars. With this price drop now imminent, we’ve also learned that they will drop the entry point for the Surface RT/Touch Cover bundles from $449 (32Gb) and $549 (64GB) down to $399 and $499 respectively.

Surface Price Change

This price is a dramatic reduction from the original entry points of $599 and $699. Some may call this a fire sale, but we fully expect to see prices on the Surface RT drop even further when the next generation of the device is introduced to the Surface portfolio.

These pending price drops do give us a bit of a clue about Microsoft’s schedule, as does the October 18th general availability of the Windows 8.1 update. We expect to see an entirely refreshed product line this year, based on the fact that these prices are dropping with the presumed intention of clearing out existing stock to make way for new devices.

All said, if you’re planning on buying a Surface RT and a Touch cover, wait until Friday.

Source: WPCentral