Best Productivity Apps for Surface | Notes and Lists

Nothing in the world would ever get done without notes or lists. It’s true! In fact, even this article wouldn’t have been written if not for these tools. If you’re at all interested in productivity, you should take note (haha) of the apps below. We consider these to be among the Best apps for Surface and Windows 8.

We thought it might be a good idea just to narrow down the best apps for taking notes and making lists since that is such an important piece of the puzzle when you want to stay ahead of the curve.




best apps for surface
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Of course, we cannot mention lists without talking about the almighty OneNote MX. We’ve talked about this app more extensively before, but here’s what you need to know, 1) It’s free, and 2) It’s amazing. If you’re device also has OneNote 2013 (desktop) you can further customize your experience and keep things ultra organized.


Evernote Touch

best apps for surface
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We think OneNote is more comprehensive, but if you’re coming over from Android or an iPad, Evernote would probably have been your first choice. In that case, All of your notes will be in the cloud and you’ll easily be able to access them. Evernote Touch does have a rather pleasing design and has all of the important controls. Evernote Touch is also free.



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We actually use Todo a quite a bit. When we find something interesting that we think you’ll like, we copy the link, past it into Todo and set an alarm to remind us to write on that topic. It’s a simple app, but it has great features like the ability to set a due date and an alarm when it’s due.


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The name speaks for itself, but for those of you just looking for something ultra-simple and also ultra-easy-to-use, this is it. After creating the list, you can use a series of gestures to handle them. For example, slide an item to the right to mark it as complete. It is ad supported and we can’t find a way to donate to remove the ads. Let me know if we’re wrong. There’s not much else to say about this app other than it does exactly what it says it will do and it does it well.


Hot Tasks

best apps for surface
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If you’re interested in colorized prioritizing, Hot Tasks might be for you. This is another very simple application but we want to share all the best options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and style. In functionality, this app is very similar to MinimaList, sans the gestures. You can have multiple lists; shopping lists, To Do lists, lists to keep track of your other lists, etc, and within each list you’ll have a number of tasks which you can prioritize by date. The app automatically color codes the tasks by their due dates. The tasks that’s due next will be red, and the tasks that’s due last will be yellow, everything else will be in between.

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Daily Tasks


If you like to see a high-level overview of your scheduled tasks, Daily Tasks is definitely your best option. Rather than showing you a simple list of all tasks that you need to complete, Daily Tasks shows you a calendar with the chronological list along the left side. You do have the option to view it in the more listified (we’re getting tired of the word “List” now) view, you do have the option. This app also supports reminders in the form of a toast notification if you allow it to run in the background.

If you know of an AWESOME app, let us know about it in the comments below.

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  • Frankpowell

    I use an app called email for business ( for sending out my professional emails. Pretty good app with cool templates. The best feature for me is the ability to add digital signatures.

  • Brad

    Great list as always Lane! ‘To Do Prime’ has to be the Cadillac of ‘to do’ lists but I can see how it can be to overwhelming for most. You need to try Bamboo Page, Wacom’s official note and sketch app…I think it may become your favourite :)

  • Sean Foley

    I use Note Clips, mostly because I like to post them on skydrive.