‘Games with Gold’ now Permanent for Xbox 360

At this year’s E3, Microsoft announced a new program for current Xbox 360 owners with a Gold Membership. Each month, via Xbox Live, they would have the opportunity to download several popular games for absolutely free. Initially a limited run promotion to keep 360 momentum going, its popularity has compelled Microsoft to make it a permanent fixture of the Xbox 360. According to Microsoft’s own survey, nearly 97 percent of users would be in favor of the deal being extended. Makes you wonder what those 3 percent was thinking? What can be better than free? They games have typically been popular, but admittedly dated, franchise games that have upcoming installments being released soon, including Assassin’s Creed, Fable, and Halo. There has also been a few smaller Xbox Live games as well including: Defense Grid, Magic the Gathering, Might and Magic. The current offer is the critically acclaimed Halo 3, available for download until October 13th.

The Xbox 360 has been one of the best selling gaming consoles ever and Microsoft has voiced their intention to continue to support the console for several more years. This decision to extend Games with Gold shows how committed they are and how they can use the 360 to get people into a franchise easier. Even when Xbox One launches, Xbox 360 will be a more affordable option with a considerable array of great games. Microsoft is wise not to abandon their cash cow now and it costs them probably very little to keep up the platform.

Check out the complete list of Games with Gold below:

Games for Gold 1
Games with Gold 2Games with Gold 3