Cortana To Be Announced & Previewed At Build?

We may have some extremely exciting news coming to us very shortly. According to sources, Cortana, the long rumored voice assistant that Microsoft is rumored to be developing for all Windows and Xbox devices, is said to be coming to us this spring, at least in preview form.

“While we’ve heard several times before that Microsoft is working on a voice assistant for Windows Phone, we haven’t seen any proof of it. Details keep coming up about the capabilities of the alleged voice assistant, including the ability to unlock the device using voice controls or the always listening mode, but as I said before, it’s all blind firing. According to a MSFTNerd, Cortana will make its first official appearance in April, and will launch as beta on Lumia devices for US developers.

The same leaker also mentioned the voice of Cortana will be played by Jen Taylor, the same celebrity who’s best known for her voice as Cortana in various Halo games, Zoey in Left 4 Dead, and a bunch of other games. Coming over to its launch in April, it’s a possibility as BUILD conference will take place in San Francisco where the Redmond giant is also expected to unveil the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 operating system”

While Windows Phone 8 is long due for a serious update, it’s very possible that Microsoft could delay a major change to the OS until the “Threshold” (a.k.a. Windows 9) series of updates comes in the Spring of next year. I don’t think I need to remind you that this is just a rumor and there’s no way to confirm the validity of these claims. It’s exciting to think about, though.

Still unknown, is whether the codename “Cortana” will be retained for retail. The source indicates it will be a Bing search assistant, claiming that you can activate it by voice by saying “Bing, tell me…” and then your question. If this is the case, why would Jen Taylor be voicing it? Needless to say, there are some inconsistencies in this rumor.


  • joe dirt

    i think cortana should say as the image is above and you ask her questions and she talks back to you like she does to master chief in halo i think they would get more money from halo fans then anything else cause im a icrap user and if cortana stay as the image is and has Jen Taylor. as the voice i would throw my icrap out the window and buy a windows phone just because of cortana i mean come on who wouldnt and if it dont stay that way it would be cool someone makes a theme or add on to cortana where she talks to you and shows full animated body like the picture shows and talking now that would be awesome

    • Lane Freeze

      That would be… enticing.

  • DarCam7

    Better late than never? Although without proof we can’t even be sure how capable this new voice assistant is. Not everything related to Halo is as good as the original source.
    The one concerning thing is how long it’s been since a true system update has been deployed. Windows Phone 8.1 better be something special.

    • Lane Freeze

      Agreed. I love the OS, but it’s certainly behind the curve in many ways.

  • Sean Foley

    She is late to the party, but still welcome.

  • Brad

    At least we know it’s coming. Our Lumia 1020 and Lumia 920 are very anxious to have Cortana be a part of their OS :).
    I wonder when we’ll see it on Surface…?